Our Vision: To build your digital home in the cloud.

What does it mean? 
  • It means done for you services so that you have the peace of mind and focus to do what is most important to you.
  • It means that we ensure that your technology is hosted in native cloud services.
  • It means that technology, people, systems, processes, policies, and equipment are aligned and integrated among them.
  • It means that you are operating with high security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, supporting your business reason.
  • It means that we do the heavy lifting and tedious work so that you accomplish your higher goals.

Our Mission: Let's fulfill yours. It's that simple.

What does it mean?
  • It means that we take a strategic approach understanding your mission and placing it ahead of ours.
  • It means that we become a strategic partner, supporting your mission, playing and advisory role and tactical executioner.
  • It means that we ensure that you meet your customer promises and expectations.

Our Commitment: To pursuit our strategic goals wholeheartedly.

We are committed to the following strategic goals:
  • Obtain partnership certifications from the top-five cloud vendors in the industry.
  • Grow our application expertise for digital presence and learning management.
  • Maintain a 100% remote expert pool of cloud professionals.
  • Leverage new automation and Dev-Ops cloud tools to gain efficiencies.
  • Partner with our customers to help them become better at their businesses.

Our Leaders: The best team of experts in the field.

We combine many years of experience in Information Technology and customer service.
Tepui Cloud Leaders Vladimir Lugo

Vladimir Lugo

The Oracle

Vladimir is an Information Technology senior professional with over 20 years of experience managing enterprise grade database applications in both private and public cloud environments. He is a technology hobbyst, creatively minded, people oriented professional with a curious soul and a passion for organizational strategy. He loves to participate in triathlons and marathons just for fun.
Tepui Cloud Leaders Sinai Lara

Sinai Lara

The Anchor

Sinai is an energetic and trustworthy Computer Engineer with rounded experience in call centers, technical and desktop support, tooling, networking, and web development. Her communication abilities allow our customers to see their projects through to completion. She defines herself as easy-going, proactive, and hard-working. She is also an actress whenever she gets a chance to expose her creative side.
Tepui Cloud Leaders Jonathan Lugo

Jonathan Lugo

The Architect

Jonathan is a seasoned and acclaimed software developer with over 25 years of experience in the financial and banking industry. He carries with him an extensive toolbox of programming languages, database knowledge, and enterprise architecture design. He is currently studying Mechatronics Engineering, tinkers with sensors and electronics, and plays multiple musical instruments.
Tepui Cloud Leaders Ivonne Cabral

Ivonne Cabral

The Educator

Ivonne is a natural educator. She teaches in words and deeds, having dedicated her life to the bettermen of others in profession and in life. Her 30 years of experience help us provide expert advice for our social learning application and social responsibility programs. She also provides administrative and planning support to our customers. You will find her hiking somewhere when she is not teaching.

Our Partners: The best cloud for your project needs.

We are familiar with many cloud providers, big and small, to ensure your solution is the most cost-effective.

Our Providers: The best software platform for your business.

We work with many proven providers in the industry, having developed a deep understanding of the full technology stack.

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