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We work in specialized teams with uncommon honesty, iterating from kick-off until we exceed your expectations. If you have a way, we’ll do it your way. If you don’t have a way, we’ll guide you toward one that fits your needs.





Digital Presence

Cloud Services

  • Cloud advising: We help your organization understand how the cloud can help you grow your technology stack to improve or expand your service offerings.
  • Cloud Migrations: We help you transition from on-premise to various cloud service providers, including data and application migrations to native cloud alternatives.
  • Cloud Support: We can become an extension to your information technology staff by managing and supporting your systems in the private or public cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: We provide expert advice to contract, host, and support your business critical systems in the best cloud partner that matches your needs.
  • Cryptocurrency Staking: We provide cryptocurrency node operation services for you to stake a variety of digital assets in the blockchain.

Development Services

  • Software Development: We can manage your software development life-cycle from kick-off to go-live in a variety of platforms, database vendors, and base programming languages.
  • Web Application Development: We specialize in developing applications to be used over the browser by users or over APIs and services consumed by other web applications.
  • Mobile Development: Apple iOS and Android mobile application development, deployment, and management to suite your multi-platform outreach strategy.
  • Blockchain Development: We get your applications interact with various blockchain platforms and integrate cryptocurrency data and payments in public and private networks.

Application Services

  • Content Management Systems: We work with a variety of industry standard CMS, Including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla among others. We provide support from installation and configuration to end-user and power-user training.
  • Learning Management Systems: We offer a top-of-the-line social learning platform that integrates with interactive content, SCORM, and e-Commerce for a rich end-user experience.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning: We specialize in Oracle products, especially around managing Oracle e-Business Suite, both on-premise and in the Cloud. We also manage other products standard in the industry.
  • Other Applications: We guide you through the process of selection, installation, configuration, database management, deployment and support, matching the best and most affordable application for the job.

Advising Services

  • Consulting: We guide you to grow your business a process of digital transformation and technology maturity to help create more impact and reach your goals.
  • Technology Assessments: You have many options when it comes to select the best tools for the job. Our deep and wide understanding of the technology roadmap brings clarity of analysis and decision making.
  • Project Management: From small websites to million-dollar multi-year implementations, we have managed hundreds of information technology projects. We understand teamwork and follow a strict project methodology to ensure your success.
  • Process Improvement: We proactively help in identifying, analyzing and improving upon existing system processes to optimize them to meet new quotas or standards of quality.

Digital Presence Services

  • Web Sites and SEO: We bring together a team of creatives and technical experts to address your website needs and create a integrated and automated machine that interacts well with search engines and other media channels.
  • E-Mail Marketing: Starting with your website, we implement the tools that allow you leverage your e-mail assets, from capturing and follow-up to communication and promotion.
  • Social Media: We create, integrate, and automate the use of your social channels. We help you create a consolidated branding and communication campaign and manage your social channels for you.
  • Search and Social Advertising: There is a lot of technical work involved in getting your search and social advertising running. We are here to help with an integrated approach for your entire Digital Presence.
  • E-Commerce and Payment Gateways: Implement an electronic commerce shopping site integrated with payment gateways of your choice, including our own partnerships or payment with cryptocurrencies.

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